Leadership Corner aspires on teaching and fostering leadership as a paramount. Possessing and mastering leadership qualities is an incessant process and we thrive on accepting new ideas and patterns of studying leadership and sharing it to the world, to the change makers, to the ones who are willing to strive as a global citizen. We see ourselves as not only those who pursue the concept of leadership but also who discover new possibilities of performing leadership and making the best use of this concept.

A leader needs to develop as a decisive and resilient figure which is a part of leadership studies and we essay on providing the ways to achieve them .We reckon our teaching encapsulates holistic approaches when it comes to leadership. We believe in training the aspirant leaders to become extraordinary performers and exemplary people in their respective fields. Our programs seek to create leaders by preparing them for the contingencies that life has to offer and finding solutions in every bumps and scratches life offers them. Leadership is an art, something that is abstract but when given a frame, can do wonders and we as a think tank have been surging to create that frame, and guide the prospective leaders.