What is Orators’ House?

Orators’ House is an objective platform for enthusiasts and leaders of various fields to learn and practice the nuances of public speaking. As a member of Orators’ House you are joining the circle of visionaries who have influenced their society with their actions. Every Saturday we meet to hone our public speaking abilities, to grow in confidence, and become better leaders every passing day.

What do we do?

We at Orators’ House have meticulously designed tips and practice sessions to help you become an accomplished public speaker. Join Orators’ House to:

  1. Participate in weekly public speaking practice sessions and challenge your glossophobia.
  2. Learn etiquettes of communication and public speaking through regular workshop, training and seminar.
  3. Compete through weekly speaking challenge and validate your growth.
  4. Network with leaders and professionals from different industries and scopes.
  5. Lead and create impact in the area of your interest.

When and where?
Venue: TCN Road, Hetauda
Time: 1:45pm – 4:00pm
Day: Every Saturday

How to get the membership?

Please go through the membership terms and policy before filling up the following form.  After approving your application for membership, we will contact you. We have a total of 40 seats available for membership.

Registration & Membership Fee:
The annual registration fee is Rs. 1000 and the monthly fee is Rs. 250 only.

Mahesh Pathak 9845535512
Roshan Kansakar 9845165230
Aakash Gupta 9845900774
Karima Joshi 9865096250
Ajit Khadka 9845288451

Welcome to
Orators’ House – Hetauda


I confirm that I have read, understood and accepted the Orators' House membership terms and policy, and agreement presented above.