Leadership Corner empowers youths from diverse background and enables them to lead innovative solution-centric projects on their specific vocations ranging from personal to professional fields. We focus on transforming lives by imparting innovative leadership ideas and qualities. Our approaches embark on customized processes, modules and framework to innovate and contribute to a new perspective that has been defined in rule books of leadership. Leadership Corner therefore believes in meaningful participation of all necessary stakeholders for developing work modules with co-designing approach to impact the larger society.

Leadership is the innovation, improvisation and implementation of information, knowledge and wisdom that has been acquired. In our endeavor of creating transformational leaders among people, we have been working as a think tank built with a network of leaders who have left remarkable footsteps in their respective vocations. We conduct, support and promote the need of research scope that will primarily focus on leadership.

We design both qualitative and quantitative research module to have adequate resources in terms of leadership which can be further used for the academic and non academic purposes.